The UTMSU is an independent non-profit organization established in 1983 under the Ontario Non-For-Profit Corporations Act. We follow democratic practices to ensure the best representation of the UTM student population.

Below you can find the governing documents of the UTMSU, as well as minutes of recent decision-making spaces.

Bylaws, Constitution and Policies

These are governing documents that state the purpose and guide the operations of the UTMSU. The Constitution & Bylaws can be amended at the Annual General Meeting, the Policy Manual can be amended at the Policy & Procedure Committee, and the Elections Procedure Code can be amended at the Elections and Referenda Committee

Operating Budgets

UTMSU Operating Budget 2022-2023

The Blind Duck Operating Budget 2022-2023


Board Meeting Packages

As per the Constitution & Bylaws of the UTMSU, the Board of Directors are mandated to meet one a month to receive an update from the executive and discuss future initiatives about the organization.

Below are the Packages for the 2022-2023 Board of Directors Meetings. Previous years packages are available upon request (email for access)

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is the highest decision-making space of the UTMSU, where general members receive an update from the representatives of the organization, and have the opportunity to make decisions such as amending the Constitution and Bylaws, or give a general director to the executives.

The AGM is also a space to review and approve the audit and finances of the organization. As a non-profit, we are mandated to seek an audit once a year to ensure that our finances are kept in check.

Below you can find the UTMSU Annual Report, AGM Minutes and Audited Financial Statements for both the UTMSU and the Blind Duck Pub. Previous years’ documents are available upon request (email for access)

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