Extra Funding

In case you need additional funding for any circumstance, feel free to explore these options. Please read the form thoroughly, then submit it to the Campus Groups coordinator after completing it. The final decision of the monetary allocation is for the Clubs Committee to make.

Collaborate Funding Form
Collaborate Funding is a pool of funds in the UTMSU budget allocated to campus groups that may need extra funding for events. It’s also there to encourage collaborations amongst student groups on campus.

Emergency Funding Form
Emergency Funding is a pool of funds in the UTMSU budget allocated to financially support campus groups in case of an emergency that leads to a significant loss of funds.

Green Grants Form
Green Grant a pool of funds in the UTMSU budget allocated to encourage sustainable initiatives at UTM by student groups.

Other resources

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UTMSU Harassment, Sexual Harssment and Discrimination Policy
The UTMSU is committed to creating a culture of consent and equity to all members of the Union, including campus groups, staff and volunteers. If you have experienced any form of Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, the UTMSU has a policy in which you can revert to to properly address survirors and unsafe spaces.

UTMSU Sustainability Policy
The UTMSU is committed to sustainable and green practices that actively promote climate justice. If promoting events around campus, please consult this policy for the guidelines around printed materials.