What's On!

Our Focus


We recognize that the cost of education is high, and that in addition to tuition fees, students need to pay for transit, childcare, food, books, rent and other expenses. UTMSU aims to provide its members with cost-saving services in addition to our work on advocating for lower tuition fees, affordable transit and childcare to help save you money.

Campaigns and Advocacy

Students are diverse. In addition to school, many of us work, have families, or have other obligations on campus or in our community. Students face unique challenges accessing post-secondary education. As the central voice for UTM students, UTMSU lobbies on a local, provincial and national level on behalf of our members.


We aim to build a community for all UTMSU members through events and programming. In an effort to be accessible to all students, UTMSU hosts events and programming during the day, in the evening, on weekends, and year-round.

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