The Blind Duck Restaurant

Great Food for Great Minds

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday | 11AM – 6PM

Friday | 11AM – 5PM 

Saturday – Sunday | CLOSED

The Blind Duck restaurant is your home away from home located in the UTM Student Centre. Great food, lots of fun and a great atmosphere. Our menu consists of a wide range of foods from many diverse backgrounds, from halal meat to vegetarian dishes and of course everyone’s favorites – chicken wings/fingers.

Throughout the year, we host numerous events organized by various clubs within our UTM family. These functions are both informative as well as very entertaining. The most popular and exciting nights are the Blind Duck pub nights. We start with our First Pub in September to kick off the new school year, followed by our extremely captivating and creative Halloween Pub in October; our Valentine’s Pub attracts singles and couples alike and of course, there is no better way to end the school year than by coming to our Last Pub. Tickets for all our events are sold at the Infobooth in the UTM Student Centre. Be sure to get your tickets early as we sell out fast.

So UTM students, if you’re feeling hungry or even just need to unwind or a place to study, the Blind Duck is your home.

Blind Duck Menu

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