Student Group Elections

Student Group Elections

All UTM campus groups must host annual elections for incoming executive members as it allows for fair participation and democratic voting procedures. The electoral process must be open to all members. Non-occurrence of elections and/or non-submission of results can lead to cancellation of clubs status and funding penalties for academic societies. Election trainings will be held each year prior to election season so that all campus groups know how to navigate it. These training sessions are mandatory for all campus groups.

Fair Play Policy

The UTMSU Elections and Procedure Code outlines and defines the electoral process of the Union. Within the EPC, we can find a clause that dictates what good and bad campaigning is: Fair Play. The rules of fair play apply to the candidate and any party supporting the candidate.

UofT Policy on Democratic Student Organizations

The University of Toronto requires all students organization to run democratic elections to ensure fair participation and representation. The policy on Democratic Student Organizations outlines the requirements for campus groups at UofT to follow in order to maintain their status as a recognized group on campus.


email template - notice of election to members Canva template for sample election poster