UTMSU is committed to the needs of students and firmly believes in helping out those who are in need of financial assistance. As a result, we offer bursaries to all UTM students. Depending on the number of students applying for the bursary and those who are approved, the range of money a student may receive varies.

Needs-Based Bursary (Winter 2024)

Long-Term Laptop Rental

Foster Children Bursary Program

Project Grants

The UTMSU believes the ideas and dreams of students should not be limited to the size of their wallets. We provide Project Grants as an opportunity for students or groups to receive partial or full funding to realize projects, host events, or undertake other creative initiatives that would otherwise be unattainable due to financial barriers. Our goal is to create opportunities that benefit the UTM community as a whole.

Our current applications:

Green Grants – Application Form

External Bursaries
Childcare Grant – UTM Student Affairs & Services
Foster Children Bursary Program

Got Questions?

Please email vpequity@utmsu.ca for more information.