Spring 2022 Elections

The annual University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union (UTMSU) Spring Election is an opportunity for members to run for positions and elect an Executive Committee and Board of Directors to serve for one-year terms.

The Executive Committee strive to ensure that the academic and social needs of undergraduate students are met by building a more inclusive educational and campus life experience for all students while the Board of Directors set the work and vision of the organization for the upcoming year. The UTMSU currently has five (5) ‘Executive’ and fourteen (14) ‘Board’ positions eligible for the upcoming election. All UTMSU members are eligible to vote this election.


READ: Thursday March 10: Statement from the CRO 

Unofficial Results


  • Maelis Barre – 1123
  • Sam Aboul Hosn – 707

VP Internal

  • Wenhan (Berry) Lou – 1308
  • Justin Ma – 525

VP External

  • Alistar Kirk – 1071
  • Tamara El-Aydi – 742


  • Suraqa Oofa Noor – 997
  • Robin Abboud – 805

VP Equity 

Reagan Roopnarine
  • In Favor – 1360
  • Against – 436

Division 2 – Directors at Large 

Cyrus Joshua
Balens Mena
Niguel Walker
Zinah Alsleman
Minal Syed
Annie Bhaskar
Mohammad Safwan Zahid
Xiyu (Charlotte) Wang
Robert Le
Fatima Abbas
Gabriel Horan
Yunqi (Eddy) Zhang

Campaign Period

Campaign period officially opens on Monday March 7th, 2022, at 9am ET. UTMSU’s Spring 2022 Election candidates are listed below. To learn more about each candidate’s campaign, view their candidate statements online or visit the following buildings on campus to check for in-person outreach or posters:

  • William G. Davis Building
  • Communication, Culture, and Technology Building (CCT)
  • Instructional Centre (IB)
  • Maanjiwe Nendamowinan (MN)
  • Kaneff Centre

All Candidates Forum

The All Candidates Forum brings together candidates running in the election. It’s a great opportunity to compare candidates side by side in a fair and balanced forum. The forum will be held on Wednesday, March 9, from 5p.m. to 7p.m. and hosted on Zoom.

Watch the forum here

Use passcode: X9jDS=DX


00:00:00Varsity Announcement

00:01:20 – Executive Candidates Intros

00:09:48 – Board of Directors Candidates Intros

00:20:50 – CRO Announcement of Community Guidelines

00:22:22 – Question 1 – How safer campus free of sexual violence

00:28:25 – Question 2 – Support in understanding academic Integrity and academic resources

00:34:02 – Question 3 – Transit, Miway service and UPass opt-out

00:41:17 – Question 4 – Reviewing the University’s budget and finances

00:55:50 – Question 5 – Dismantling systems of oppression

01:02:31 – Question 6 – Food security on campus

01:15:08 – Question 7 – Transparency

01:23:27 – Question 8 – Job opportunities

01:28:07 – Question 9 – Part 1 – On-campus sports and Varsity

01:33:22 – Question 9 – Part 2 – Cancellation of varsity sports at UTM

01:37:01 – Question 10 – Communicating with University administration and high decision-makers

01:43:10 – Goodbyes


UTMSU Spring 2022 Elections – Candidates

Executive Positions 

President (1 Vacancy)

Sam Aboul Hosn (Change UTM)

Maelis Gayle Virginie Barre (Inspire UTM)

VP External (1 Vacancy)

Alistair Kwabena Kirk (Inspire UTM)

Tamara El-Aydi (Change UTM)

VP Internal (1 Vacancy)

Wenhan (Berry) Lou (Inspire UTM)

Tsz Hei Justin Ma

VP Equity (1 Vacancy)

Reagan Roopnarine (Inspire UTM)

VP UA (1 Vacancy)

Suraqa Oofa Noor (Inspire UTM)

Robin Abboud (Change UTM)

Board Positions

Division II – Board of Directors (11 Vacancies)

Fatima Abbas
Cyrus Joshua Balens Mena
Mohammad Safwan Zahid
Zinah Alsleman
Annie Bhaskar
Robert Le
Xiyu (Charlotte) Wang
Zaryab Nisar Ahmad Chaudry
Gabriel Horan
Razan Akiba
Yunqi (Eddy) Zhang
Gaganpreet Kaur Behal
Minal Syed
Niguel Walker
Mustafa Khekani

Division III – Part Time Directors at Large (2 Vacancies)


Division IV – Professional Faculty – Mississauga Academy of Medicine (1 Vacancy) 


Important Dates – Spring 2022 Election:

Virtual All Candidates Meeting

Saturday March 5 from 10am to 12pm ET via Zoom.

Silent Period

Friday March 4 from 5:01pm to Monday March 7 at 8:59am ET.

Campaign Period

Monday March 7 from 9am to Thursday March 17 at 6pm ET.

All Candidates Debate

Wednesday March 9 from 5pm to 7pm ET via Zoom.

Voting Period (In Person and Virtual)

Tuesday March 15 to Thursday March 17 from 9am to 6pm ET daily.

In Person voting will take place at the following campus buildings:

  • William G. Davis Building
  • Communication, Culture, and Technology Building (CCT)
  • Instructional Centre (IB)
  • Maanjiwe Nendamowinan (MN)
  • Kaneff Centre

Virtual voting will occur using ElectionBuddy. All eligible UTMSU members will be sent instructions to their University of Toronto email accounts on virtual voting at the start of voting period. Please ensure you are checking your spam/junk folders for this email.

If you may have any questions or concerns about the elections, please do not hesitate to contact our Chief Returning Officer at cro@utmsu.ca.