Fairness for International Students

International students makeup 20 percent of our campus and come from various places around the world. The UTMSU is committed to supporting international students in any way possible. International Students face many challenges when they arrive in Canada, including homesickness, culture shock, racism and/or discrimination. Leaving home and coming to a new country can be isolating, and lonely. In addition, international students pay 4x more in tuition fees compared to domestic students, which can cause great financial strain on students and their families.

The UTMSU runs the Fairness for International Students campaign in order to address these key issues for international students.

This campaign calls on the provincial and federal government to:

  • Eliminate tuition fees for all international students
  • Reintegrate international students into the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP);
  • Improve immigration policies to ensure that international students can live and work in Canada


If you would like to learn more about this campaign, please visit: www.cfsontario.ca/campaigns/fairness-for-international-students/

To get involved in this campaign contact vpexternal@utmsu.ca