U-PASS Program:


  • Be a registered student at UTM
  • Must have a valid T-card for more than 24 hours
  • Paid or deferred your fees on Acorn
  • Not made to your Acorn account in the last 72 hours

Pick-Up Update:

The UTMSU is pleased to announce that students will be able to pick up their UPASS for the upcoming academic year, Fall 2021 – Winter 2022, from the Student Center starting on August 30th, 2021.

In order to ensure the safety of all students and staff, the following steps are set in place to allow students to book an appointment and safely pick up their U-PASS:

  1. Before booking your appointment, please ensure that you are eligible to receive the U-PASS. In order to confirm your eligibility, please use the following link: coming soon!
  2. Once you complete the form and confirm your eligibility, you will receive an email (within 24 hours) with a link to our appointment booking platform. Please select the time slot that works best for you.

Day of Pickup:

  • Please ensure you arrive for your designated pick up time.
  • All students are required to complete a COVID-19 Screening form (U-Check) through ucheck.utoronto.ca before entering the UTM Student Center.
  • Please ensure you have a valid T-Card with you when picking up your U-PASS.

U-PASS Replacements:

In case you lose your U-PASS, you are eligible to receive a one time U-PASS replacement. U-PASS replacements will begin on October 1, 2021. The replacement of a U-Pass costs $130.

For more information please contact upass@utmsu.ca.

Frequently Asked Questions for U-Pass Rebate and Summer 2021 U-Pass Cancellation

All undergraduate and graduate UTM students will receive this partial refund, regardless if you collected a U-Pass this academic year.

Since MiWay reinstated transit fares ahead of the Fall Semester and students are still using the U-Pass to travel across the city, MiWay would not agree to a full refund. Based on student usage, MiWay re-costed the program and agreed to a $95.00 rebate.

You will still be eligible for a partial rebate which will be lower than $95. Please email upass@utmsu.ca for more information.

All eligible undergraduate and graduate students will be receiving the $95.00 rebate. The rebate is being transferred via ACORN because the following situations make it difficult for the UTMSU to issue all 18,000 rebates:

  • Electronic funds transfers (ETFs) expire if students perceive it as spam
  • Cheques are stale-dated after six months. Cheques will need to be re-issued
  • The UTMSU cannot electronically transfer money to students without Canadian bank accounts
  • The UTMSU cannot mail out cheques to students living outside of Canada with no Canadian address
  • Under any of these circumstances, students will not be able to receive their rebate until the summer or when they return to Canada

To ensure that the money is returned to you in a timely manner, transferring the rebate via ACORN is the most efficient way.

Your revised invoice will list the initial U-Pass fee in full, then a reversal of that initial fee (similar to a cancellation), then the adjusted cost reflecting the $95.00 reduction. The invoice total should be $95.00 less than it was before the rebate was approved.

If you have a balance owing to the university (including outstanding tuition or residence fees from previous sessions), the rebate will automatically be used to pay the balance. This is in accordance with the University of Toronto’s protocol on fee payments. When you are no longer enrolled, any remaining balance owed to you will be issued by the University as a refund request. For additional information or support please contact Info.studentaccount@utoronto.ca.

The UTMSU advertises its bursaries through its website, newsletter and social media platforms. The transit bursary will be advertised during the Summer 2021 term. Please visit our platforms to find out more.