Lobby Week 2024

The UTMSU is continuing the conversation and ensure that students at UTM have the opportunity to be a part of important conversations in decision making with our second official Lobby Week. This will also be a space for students to address important decision makers regarding concerns including Education for All, The Note-taking Program, Recorded Lectures, and Implementing a Safe and Inclusive Academic Space.


📢 What exactly is Lobby Week?

During Lobby Week, we the students are able to speak with UTM administration regarding our concerns and push for change on campus.

Voice concerns directly, share your experiences as a student at UTM, express what you would like to see improve on campus.


❓Why these topics?

Addressing topics such as education for all, accessibility, creating a safe and inclusive academic space, transit, and housing is crucial because they directly impact students’ ability to succeed and thrive in their academic journey.

Education for All: Ensuring access to quality education regardless of socio-economic background promotes equity and equal opportunities for all students.

Accessibility (including note-taking and recorded lectures): Providing accommodations for students with disabilities ensures that everyone has equal access to educational resources, fostering an inclusive learning environment.

Safe and inclusive academic space: Creating a campus environment free from discrimination and harassment is essential for students’ well-being and academic success. It allows for diversity to be celebrated and for all voices to be heard.


Click to read our official lobby documents below: