Academic Advocacy Week

Academic Advocacy Week


What is Academic Advocacy Week?

The University’s policies, procedures, and resources are oftentimes difficult to navigate, access, and understand. Academic Advocacy Week serves to help you learn more about your academic rights and the resources available to you.

During Academic Advocacy Week, we focus on topics such as:

  • Access to Education
  • Academic Offences
  • Student Rights
  • Resources available to support your academic journey
  • Legal resources
Who is Academic Advocacy Week for?

All students are welcome to participate in and get involved in our academic advocacy campaigns and initiatives. 

When is Academic Advocacy Week?

Annually in September.

Where does Academic Advocacy Week take place?

On campus and online.

Why does the UTMSU host Academic Advocacy Week? 

As a union, the UTMSU fundamentally believes that high quality, post-secondary education is a right. As we continue to work towards the goal of achieving free and equitable access to education, we have multiple opportunities for you to learn more, get involved, and join the student movement. 

This year Academic Advocacy Week took place Monday, September 20, 2021 to Friday, September 24, 2021. There were a lot of exciting presentations and in case you missed it we have them recorded below!



Strategies to Avoid Academic Misconduct 


Doing Academic Work With Integrity: Definitions and Strategies – Academic Integrity and Writing


A Math & Numeracy Perspective on Academic Integrity  


Learn about Academic Offences, How To Petition and Appeal and Know Your Rights with Campus Police