Annual General Meeting

AGM 2019 Documents:

1. Agenda for the 2019 UTMSU AGM

2. Minutes from the 2018 UTMSU AGM

3. Financials:

Blind Duck Audited Financial Statements

UTMSU Audited Financial Statements



What is the AGM?

The Annual General Meeting is the space in which the student body receives updates on the UTMSU as an organization that represents us!

Reports on Campaigns, Services and Events are given to the student body, and us as a collective have an opportunity to give input and feedback on the work of the Union.

Another aspect of the AGM is the presentation of the audited financial statements of the previous exec year.

So, wanna get involved? Come to the UTMSU’s Annual General Meeting!

Why be at the AGM?

The UTMSU represents all students, full time or part time, at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

If you are part of the student body at UTM, it is your right to receive updates on the Union Operations and the Campaigns, Services and Events that we work on throughout the year.

Plus, we also want to hear from you! What do you think we can work on as a collective to improve our lives as UTM students? What do you want to see happen on campus? How do you want your student leaders to represent you?

So your presence at the AGM is extremely important! Come, vote, give input, ask questions and most importantly, have fun!