Wall of Transparency

Wall of Transparency: Spring 2021 Elections

The Wall of Transparency serves as an open, identifiable region where students may be informed of demerit point infractions. Demerit point infractions will be posted once the 48-hour appeal window has closed. Names of persons involved in complaints and resolutions should be kept confidential. Discretion should be made by the Elections and Referenda Committee (ERC).

Executive Candidates, Build Back Better
Mitra Yakubi,
Lai Wei,
Maelis Barre,
Merica Joy Carlos, and
Ryan Tomlinson
8 Demerit Points.
Vice President Equity Candidate
Laiba Khan
5 Demerit Points, previously appealed.
Vice President Equity Candidate
Maryam Yousefipournigjeh
10 Demerit Points.