Safe Return

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the University actually wait until Summer 2022 for the full return?

The UTMSU has encouraged UTM to stay at the same level of in-person classes as the Fall Semester (30%). UTM has indicated that it will stay at that level only if Peel Public Health indicates that COVID cases are increasing and that a full in-person return would be unsafe. 

In the last few days, COVID cases have been climbing. On Friday, November 19, Ontario reported nearly 800 cases. With the winter break around the corner, we are concerned that these cases will continue to rise and that the full return to campus in January 2022 will be unsafe.


I’m an international student. Should I wait to see what happens with this campaign before making my arrangements?

We encourage you to make the necessary arrangements to be able to remain a student in the Winter semester. The University has indicated that students who are unable to come back and who do not have access to online materials may have to defer a semester. We do not want you to put your studies on hold.

If you require support with immigration and housing please contact the International Education Centre (IEC). 

UTMSU Housing Support 

IEC Off-Campus Housing Information Session: November 26 from 9AM-10AM (EST) 

Winter In-Person Preparation for International Students – IEC

Immigration – IEC 


I am a student that prefers being in person. Is the UTMSU advocating for a fully online semester?

We know that not one solution fits all. The UTMSU is advocating to push back the full return to campus to Summer 2022, while still maintaining some in person courses during the winter semester to account for social distancing, classroom capacity, and community safety.

We want students to have the option to choose whether they want to attend classes in person or online during the pandemic. That can be done by giving professors the resources and support necessary to record lectures for students to access on their own time. By waiting until Summer 2022, International and out-of-province students would be given adequate time to plan their return and students experiencing symptoms would be able to safely stay at home without missing any important class content. 


I am a student that prefers having online classes. Is the UTMSU advocating for a fully in-person semester?

By pushing for a course delivery system where students get to choose how they want to learn – whether that be in-person or online, 

A full return to campus would leave students with disabilities behind, and can lead to negative impact on mental health and class performance for students who learn better online.


What is the purpose of the emailer?

The purpose of this emailer is to make it easier for students to show the UTM Principal, Dean of Academics, and other UTM decision-makers that, although some students want to come back to campus, many only want a full return to campus when it is safe to do so. Students need adequate time to make living arrangements and to get accustomed to the change in lifestyle. We have strength in numbers so the more emails students send, the more UTM sees that students are concerned about their decisions. If you haven’t done so already, sign it today!


Why is the UTMSU advocating for social distancing and classroom capacities?

Cases in Ontario and around the world show that individuals who are vaccinated are still able to contract and transmit COVID. By continuing to implement layers of protocols like social distancing and classroom capacities, we can keep our community safe.