Safe Return

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) and UTM Students’ Union (UTMSU) advocating for a fully online semester?

No, the SCSU and UTMSU are not advocating for a fully online semester. The SCSU and UTMSU are calling on the Provincial Government and UofT administration to implement layers of protection to ensure that we can return to campus safely including providing N95 masks and rapid tests, upgrading filtration from MERV to HEPA, and enhancing the testing and tracing program amongst other measures. 

The SCSU and UTMSU are also calling on the UofT to ensure that online options are available for members who prefer it amid the ongoing pandemic.

I’m an international student. Should I wait to see what happens with this campaign before making my arrangements?

We encourage you to make the necessary arrangements to be able to remain a student in the Winter semester. The University has indicated that students who are unable to come back and who do not have access to online materials may have to defer a semester. We do not want you to put your studies on hold.

If you require support with immigration and housing please contact the International Education Centre (IEC). 

What is the purpose of the emailer?

The purpose of this emailer is to make it easier for students to show their Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), and UofT decision-makers that in order to have a safe return to campus there must be multiple measures in place to ensure that no student is left behind. 

We have strength in numbers so the more emails that students send, the more decision-makers see that students are concerned about their decisions. If you haven’t done so already, sign it today! 

Why is the UTMSU advocating for social distancing and classroom capacity limits?

Cases in Ontario and around the world show that individuals who are vaccinated are still able to contract and transmit COVID. By continuing to implement layers of protection and protocols like social distancing and classroom capacities, we can keep our community safe.

Why are the SCSU and UTMSU advocating for filtration upgrades?

Across UofT, buildings have been fitted with MERV 13 or greater filters. These are Commercial filters that are most effective in capturing bacteria, wild smoke and respiratory droplets. With the confirmation that COVID-19 is an airborne virus, MERV13 or greater filters are good, however HEPA (rated MERV 17-20) filters are best as they are suited to capture airborne viruses and carbon dust.