Candidate Statements

UTMSU Spring 2022 Elections – Candidate Statements


Executive Candidates


Maëlis Barre (She/ Her) – Inspire UTM

Hi UTM! My name is Maëlis, and I am running to be your President. I’m a third year international student studying astrophysics and math. I have been involved on campus in various capacities, which helps me understand what students need to have the highest quality university experience possible. I am passionate about strong student advocacy and enhancing campus life, and I can’t wait to Inspire you through our work to make UTM accessible, safe, and fun for all students. Don’t forget to check my team’s platform at On March 15, 16 and 17, remember to vote #InspireUTM.


Sam Aboul Hosn – Change UTM

My name is Sam Aboul Hosn and I’m running for President of the UTMSU. We as students have been yearning for solid change in our UTMSU for a while. My campaign is simple: we’re trying to make the UTMSU a more transparent organization that is connected to the student body and its needs. We want to deliver on the promises we are campaigning for and increase student involvement at our UTMSU. Whether it’s lobbying for new transit deals with local governments or renegotiating existing contracts with UTM. With your trust I am sure that we can push for these changes!


VP Internal:

Tsz Hei Justin Ma

Hello everyone, my name is Justin and I am running to be your VP internal. I am a second year student studying Humanities. For the past year, I have been actively volunteering with UTMSU, such as with outreach, the free breakfast program, and the Halloween event. During these events, I helped others adapt to life on campus, granting me a better understanding about the struggles of the student body, such as skyrocketing tuition fees and the need for academic rights. I will use all the resources available to help students in any possible way. Your voice, my action! 


Wenhan (Berry) Lou (He/Him) – Inspire UTM

Hi UTM! My name is Wenhan Lou but you can call me Berry. I am running to be your VP Internal. I am a fourth-year international student studying marketing. I have been involved in UTMSU for more than three years, so I truly understand the needs of students. I am ready to INSPIRE students on campus to get involved in clubs and societies, to fight for fairness for international students, and more career opportunities for all. Learn more about our team’s platform at On March 15, 16, and 17, remember to vote for #InspireUTM.


VP External:

Tamara El-Aydi (She/Her) – Change UTM

Hello everyone, my name is Tamara El-Aydi and I’m running to be your VP External! I am a second-year psychology student dedicated to creating positive change at UTM. I have been a part of governing council for academic affairs, a UTMSU board member, and VolunTEAM. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in amazing groups like Education for All Townhall and Mental Health Townhall all of which have helped me understand student’s needs. I am extremely passionate about helping students and I plan to do so by lobbying for changes to improve everyone’s university experience.


Alistair Kirk (He/Him) – Inspire UTM

Hello, my name is Alistair Kirk and I am running to be your VP External. I’m a third year international student studying Finance and Economics. I am an experienced candidate looking to inspire my UTM community through leadership, empathy, and passion. As a former associate to the VP External, I have gained an understanding of how to lobby relevant stakeholders to advance campaigns such as Education For All, Fairness For International Students and affordable student housing. For more information, check out our team’s website at On March 15, 16 and 17, remember to vote for #InspireUTM


VP University Affairs:

Suraqa Noor (She/Her) – Inspire UTM

Hi everyone, I’m Suraqa and I am running to be your VP University Affairs. For the past three years, I’ve called UTM home while completing my Political Science specialist and minor in Environmental Policy. My involvement on campus has ranged from academic society relations to research opportunities, and most importantly, campaign and advocacy. The pandemic has been difficult for us all, and through different campaigns and services, I want to make sure that you feel heard and inspired to get involved! For our team’s information, check out On March 15, 16 and 17, remember to vote for #InspireUTM.


Robin Abboud – Change UTM

Hey guys! I’m Robin Abboud and I’m running for Vice President of University Affairs. Not only will I lobby to bring flavor into the cafeteria but also into student life on campus – increasing job opportunities, enhancing quality of life, and improving the UTMSUs communication with the university. I am always open to new ideas and expanding students’ minds like pushing to bring in Ted Talks, more competitive sport events, and interactive opportunities. Best Regards, Robin. 


VP Equity:

Reagan Roopnarine (She/Her) – Inspire UTM

Hello UTM! My name is Reagan and I’m running to be your VP Equity. I’m in my third year studying political science, environmental policy, and professional writing (PWC). I’ve been advocating for equity and sustainability my entire academic career. With my commitment to social and environmental justice, I believe we can inspire a safe return to campus that prioritizes better transit options, support for international students, super fun social events, and so much more! Learn more about our team’s platform at On March 15, 16, and 1, remember to vote for #InspireUTM!


Board of Directors Candidates

Division 2 – Directors at Large:

Cyrus Joshua Mena

I am Cyrus Joshua Mena, a third-year Biotechnology Specialist student running for the Board of Directors. If elected, I will advocate for: (1) Undergraduate Co-op Programs; (2) The Creation of the Midterms Repository; (3) The Recording of ALL Lectures; (4) Free Parking for Students; (5) FSGs for 3rd Year+ Courses; (6) The Expansion of the Health and Dental Care Plan (i.e., Orthodontics). I will give light to these causes and any issues you bring up. Thank you!


Gaganpreet Kaur Behal

I am a third-year Criminology student that aspires to improve UTM by collaborating with the UTMSU and listening to YOUR concerns! I’ve served on the executive boards of several student organizations, including Skills & Thrills, Law & Commerce, and Minorities in Law & Society. These positions have aided in the development of my communication, leadership, and strategic thinking abilities. Furthermore, my involvement in groups such as the Mississauga Youth Council has honed my expertise in fast-paced political environments, making me the ideal choice to represent you on the board of directors!


Razan Akiba

Hello everyone! My name is Razan and I’m running for a position on the Board of Directors. I’m in my third year studying History and Political Science with a minor in French. Having introduced policies and run initiatives both in government and around the UTM community, I’m ready to use my experience to represent you! I believe that every policy that impacts UTM students, no matter how small, should be informed by student voices. Don’t forget to make YOUR voice heard and vote in the UTMSU election!


Mohammad Safwan Zahid

Hey everyone! I’m Safwan, and I am a second-year Political Science major. I am a bigbeliever in being a changemaker, and I believe I can be one for you as your director atUTMSU. Currently, I am working on building a mentorship program in the PSLA. Growingup, I always had dreams about what university life would look like, and I’m sure many of you did too. I want to materialize those dreams and make sure you can leave with nothing but fond memories. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all, so please vote for me!


Zaryab Nisar Ahmad Chaudhry

My life experiences have taught me that change requires consistent effort, and nothing else. As a Board-of-Director, I will continue to work with this belief. Whether it be calling for more in-person activities, better campus security, accessibility to resources, or other matters brought to or taken up by the Student Union, I will push for change, and make strides to increase opportunities for students. My vision is to begin working toward the long-term goal of making our university a fair, safe, fun, and enriching experience for all: an inclusive environment where students can thrive and reach their true potential!


Niguel Walker

Hi UTM! My name is Niguel Walker and I am a first-year international student from the sunny Caribbean island, Jamaica. I am very excited about getting involved and helping in whatever way I can to enhance our experience on campus. For this reason, I have decided to be a candidate in the upcoming UTMSU elections to be a voice for you, as a member of the Board of Directors. Please support me by visiting the polls during the period March 15 – 17 and casting your vote for me. Thank you for allowing me to serve you! See you at the polls!


Minal Syed

Hello! My name is Minal Syed and it is with great passion and dedication I am running to

represent your voice as a Division II Board of Director.

I am determined to fight for:

  1. No compromises in our education
  2. No cost increases
  3. More affordable services on campus (food, parking)
  4. More student employment opportunities on campus
  5. Creating a warm and welcoming environment for all students

I vow to be selfless and serve not only as a student representative but also a friendly and approachable face on campus who you can go to for support.


Robert Le

Hello everyone! My name is Robert Le and I am currently in first year Life Science. Starting off first semester, I was a bit nervous enrolling in UTM because I felt that I wouldn’t fit in. However, I was able to adapt in this friendly environment thanks to many professors and peers whom I’ve met and gotten to know. By being on the board of directors, I hope my decisions on the board will have a positive impact by making you feel comfortable, safe, and included during your journey at UTM.


Annie Bhaskar

Hey UTM! I’m Annie and I will be running for UTMSU Division II Directors At Large. Currently, I’m in my second year and decided to run for this position because I want students at UTM to have the best possible experience they can! I hope to address issues that matter most to students like limited food options, lack of study spaces, strict redo assignments policies, and more. Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me @annie.bhaskar on Instagram!