Candidate Statements

Division 1: Directors At-Large (Two Positions)


Mohamed Mahmoud:

Howdy! My name is Mohamed, and I’m on a mission to unshackle the common first-year student body from the chains of silence and give you guys a voice to be heard. My movement starts today with a google form. I implore you to play your part in kickstarting the democratic process – make your voice heard with a response!



Glenda Fu: 

Hello hello! My name is Glenda Fu and I want to be your First Year Representative in the UTM Student Union! I’m a noobie and I’ve just started university like all of you, but already I’ve fallen in love with the community here at UTM (and the gorgeous campus). I’m still working on the platforms but I promise to listen to and represent you the best that I can. And make your life here better somehow. Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Baojun (Geoffrey) Yuan:

Hello everyone, my name is Baojun Yuan(Geoffrey). I am running to be your Division I Representative. Due to the pandemic, many of us have never been to the campus yet. However, our opinion still matters, and I would like to speak up for us, pushing for more benefits. I will advocate to expand the credit/no credit policy since all 1st-year students need a higher CGPA to get into the program. Also, I will lobby for reducing tuition fees for all, especially for international students. I am here to listen to your feedback, and together we can make changes.