2023 Spring Elections Candidates’ Statements

Statements submitted by candidates in the 2023 UTMSU Spring Elections are below.


Executive Positions


Presidential Candidates (1 Vacancy)


Gulfy Bekbolatova (she/her)

Hi UTM! My name is Gulfy, I am going into my third year studying Financial Economics, and I am really excited to run to be your UTMSU President!

Throughout my journey at UTM, I have been involved in various groups such as the UEC, IBA, UTMCM, and the UTMSU, which has allowed me to connect with students with various university experiences. I’m determined to improve our campus, whether that be through impactful campaigns addressing accessibility & education, or by enhancing our campus life!

Vote for ThriveUTM on March 14th, 15th, & 16th! Learn more about my team’s platform at www.thriveutm.ca.


Samm Mohibuddin

Greeting to all fellow students! My name is Samm, I’m a second year here at UTM and I’ll be running for President. Joining Uni as an international at the last phase of Covid restrictions I noticed how there were little opportunities for us to connect. Alongside pushing the current agendas of trying to reduce fees on education for us all , I want to bring back events like Varsity and have the union work closer with immediate needs of students. At the end of the day, we the students make UTM and together we can enrich our university experience.


Sam Aboul Hosn

Hi UTM! My name is Sam Aboul Hosn, and I am running for the position of President of the UTMSU. I am passionate about serving our community and committed to advocating for your needs. My goal is to build a stronger sense of community on campus, advocate for our challenges and enhance student engagement. I believe that with my dedication and the support of our talented team, we can create a more inclusive and fair campus community. It’s time to ensure that your voices are heard and your needs are met.



VP External Candidates (1 Vacancy)


Kiki Ayoola (she/her)

Hey UTM! My name is Okikioladuni Ayoola but feel free to call me Kiki. I’m a second-year student studying Health Sciences & Biomedical Communications and I’m thrilled to be running for VP External! 

Beginning my studies in the midst of a pandemic has given me a distinct but shared perspective on student needs & struggles at UTM. Utilizing cross-cultural & extracurricular experience gained through initiatives like BSA, UTMSU & ECSpeRT, I plan to devote sustained efforts to running campaigns focusing on equity and students’ rights. 

Vote for ThriveUTM on March 14th, 15th, & 16th! Learn more about my team’s platform at www.thriveutm.ca.


Niguel Walker

Hello UTM! My name is Niguel Walker. I am a second-year student doing a Double Major in Biology and Chemistry. As a member of our vibrant community, I am heavily invested in our collective growth and advancement. I firmly believe that our campus is home to a diverse mix of talents and immense potential, but there are also many challenges that prevent our expression of those talents and these challenges impede the maximization of our potential. My hope is to help alleviate the challenges on campus by managing the External Portfolio at the UTMSU. I look forward to your support.



VP Internal Candidates (1 Vacancy)


John (Yongxin) Liang (he/him) 

Hi UTM! My name is John, I’m a fourth-year international student pursuing a major in Sociology & Environmental Management. I am really excited to be running for the VP Internal position! 

I have been actively involved within the UTM community, through the UTMSU Board of Directors, and my role as VP Internal associate. I am passionate about fighting for students’ needs to be met, and hope to make a difference on campus by improving student centric services & creating more opportunities for international students!

Vote for ThriveUTM on March 14th, 15th, & 16th! Learn more about my team’s platform at www.thriveutm.ca.


Linda Tamim 

Hi everyone! My name is Linda and I am running to be your UTMSU VP Internal. I am in my third year completing a Finance specialist and Economics minor degree. As an international student, I heavily value campus experiences, making me motivated and passionate to help you all. My knowledge and background in finance will aid me in effectively budgeting and allocating our universities resources according to the changes that YOU want to be made. It’s time for improvements to be made!



VP Equity Candidates (1 Vacancy)


Ruth Alemayehu (she/her) 

Hi everyone! My name is Ruth and I’m super excited to run for VP Equity! I am in my fourth year, specializing in Neuroscience and majoring in Biology for Health Sciences.

Through my various enriching experiences on campus, such as being the Black Students’ Association co-president, and a Black Youth Mentorship Assistant, I grew a passion for creating equitable spaces for under-privileged and under-represented students. I am hoping to use my experience to amplify marginalized students’ voices, and implement more on-campus support. 

Vote for ThriveUTM on March 14th, 15th, & 16th! Learn more about my team’s platform at www.thriveutm.ca


Jonathan (Divine) Angubua

Given my passion for education and research as tools of expression and emancipation, and school as a site of friendship, struggle, and dream-realizing, I hope to be your VP EQUITY. It’s time to make campus a place of safe learning, lively student experience, and joyous living at the intersections of identity, time and place.


Mariam Matar

Hello! My name is Mariam Matar, and I am running as your VP equity.

My goals while taking up this position include:

  1. More affordable food options on campus
  2. Allowing you to opt out of incidental fees
  3. Increasing scholarship funding
  4. Ensuring that UTM campus activities are inclusive of everyone

I vow to represent you and your concerns in hopes of creating a more student-friendly environment on-campus.



VP University Affairs (1 Vacancy)


Layana Alnabhan (she/her) 

Hello folks! My name is Layana Alnabhan and I am running to become your VP University Affairs for this upcoming academic year! I am in my fourth year double majoring in Bio Health Sciences and Sociology! 

Throughout my years at UTM, I have struggled with academic unfairness and restrictive academic policies. Because of that, I would like to be the voice of students in advocating for equitable and empowering academic policies, and give students the tools to THRIVE through their studies! 

Vote for ThriveUTM on March 14th, 15th, & 16th! Learn more about my team’s platform at www.thriveutm.ca.


Jinze (Michael) Wang 

Hello everyone! My name is Jinze (Michael) Wang, and I am running to be your VP University Affairs. I am a third-year student specializing in the Forensic Anthropology Program. I aim to be as transparent and open to student concerns as possible and address relevant issues. Its time to improve the student experience here at UTM by finding practical solutions to problems that can ease students’ lives in a realistic manner.


Minal (Eesha) Syed

Hello! My name is Minal (Eesha) Syed and it is with great passion and dedication I am running to represent your voice as a VP University Affairs.

I am determined to fight for:

  1. No compromises in our education
  2. No cost increases
  3. More affordable services on campus (food, parking)
  4. More student employment opportunities on campus
  5. Creating a warm and welcoming environment for all students

I vow to be selfless and serve not only as a student representative but also a friendly and approachable face on campus who you can go to for support.



Board Positions

Sandra Risco – Division II Board Candidate

Hola UTM! My name is Sandra Risco and I am running to be part of the Division II Board of directors for this upcoming year. I am a first-year international student hoping to major in Psych and Bio for Health Sci. Though it’s my first year at UTM, living in residence and being an Events Associate for the Latin American Student Association has truly allowed me to become familiar with students’ needs and wants. I can’t wait to represent YOU and make YOUR voices heard so our experience at UTM is the best possible!


Aleeza Khan – Division II Board Candidate

Hi my name is Aleeza and I am a second-year Biochemistry Student at UTM. I’m running in the UTMSU student elections as a potential candidate for Divison II Board of Directors. My primary motivation for joining the Student Union is to be able to represent the student population and make our campus more enjoyable and welcoming to all students.


Niyati Bhatt – Division II Board Candidate

Students deserve opportunities to lead and feel heard as members of this university. I believe that proper leadership can improve student experience by making it more fun and empowering. I strive to build a stronger and more meaningful community while tackling relevant issues.