UTMSU has 3 commissions that students are able to get involved with and share their input in.

Campaigns & Advocacy Commission
This Commission will focus its resources and be responsible for advocating and educating the membership on issues pertaining to external bodies, such as the University, Government and other student/community groups, campaigns related to the conservation of the environment, Internal Student issues, advocacy on all part time issues and on academic, cultural, educational and university governance issues at the University of Toronto. The purpose of this Commission is to take an intersectional approach however different Commissioners can focus on different aspects depending on the priorities of the Union.

Student Services Commission
This Commission shall focus its resources on implementing, overseeing, and introducing services of the Union. The Commission will be responsible for working in collaboration and in consultation with staff of the Union.

Student Life Commission
This Commission shall focus its resources and be responsible for advocating on student life issues at the University; conduct projects and host events to enhance the student experience at the University; manage and oversee UTM’s Promotional Squad; as well as
plan and carry out social events.

UTMSU Commissions!!

Campaigns and Advocacy – Tuesday November 7th 4pm-5pm

At this meeting we will be talking about various UTMSU Campaigns including fight the fees, consent culture and more. Come by and discuss what campaigns you think UTMSU should be working on and how we can get these campaigns going.

Student Life – Wednesday November 8th 5pm – 6pm

At this meeting we shall be discussion student life on campus. everything from events to the vibe on campus will be talked about come out and share your ideas!!
Student Services – Friday November 10th 3pm – 4pm

Services are a cost saving relief for a lot of students. Do you have an idea of how we can save students money?! Come by and let us know and we will work towards making it happen!
There will be FREE Food provided at these meetings so come and give us your ideas!!

For more information please email