Recent Victories:

  • Successfully lobbied to:
    • Introduce Credit/No Credit Policy and its subsequent extension 
    • Introduce Late Withdrawal Policy
    • Introduce Course Retake Policy 
    • Introduce Self Assigned Sick Note Policy
    • Remove $35 Exam Remark Fee
    • Introduce Free Menstrual Products in Womens Bathroom
    • Add Heated Bus Stop Shelters
  • Duck Stop Convenience Store
  • Converted our Blind Duck Pub food containers to biodegradable products
  • Implemented a free weekly nutritional breakfast program – feeding over 400 students
  • Hosted the very first UTM Pride Flag Dropping Ceremony
  • Introduced the Mentorship Program for Academic Societies
  • Re-opened the UTMSU Food Centre and revitalized the UTM Food Bank
  • Hosted the largest concert at UTM featuring Tory Lanez
  • Introduction of Fall Reading Week
  • UPASS Program
  • CCR Recognition for clubs and societies 
  • Eliminated Access Copyright fees saving students over $1.5 million per year
  • Lobbied to split tuition fee payments starting 2014
  • Lobbied to include the student rights and equity statement on the syllabus

And many many more…..

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