UTMSU Events

Exam De-Stressor

This event is held during exam periods (June, August, December and April). This gives students a chance to take a break from their studies with free food, music and raffle prizes.

Blue Jays Game Night-Out (August)

The Blue Jays game night-out where we will be selling subsidizes tickets for the game, which includes transportation to the game and back. Were looking into the rivalry games this season such as the New York Yankees or Boston RedSox, which will boost ticket sales at UTMSU.

Orientation Week (September)

Frosh is the biggest event held by UTMSU. This event is held in the first week of September. There are over 1200 students that participate in orientation week. The week consists of workshops, activities, live events and a tri-campus parade.

Welcome Week (September)

Welcome week which sometime refers to as clubs week, is on the first week of school. This event allows student clubs and academic societies to target UTM students and show students the different options their clubs or societies has to offer and more importantly, how students can get involved. This year, I also want to incorporate more activities and workshops especially for incoming students to help ease their transition into university.

Welcome Back Pub (September)

This is the first pub event of the school year. The name of the event is called “The Last Night of Summer” and will be a glow in the dark pub event. The event will be connected to orientation where students have the option of buying a limited edition frosh kit, which includes a t-shirt that will serve as their ticket to first pub.

Outdoor Movie Night (September)

This will be one of the new events we will be incorporating into the up-coming school, as well as be the first collaboration between SLAM (UTMSU, UTMAC and UTMREZ). The movie will be shown in a iCube tent that will either be located on south or north field at UTM.

Academic Seminar (September or October)

This event is collaboration with Academic Affairs and Caribbean Connections. The event is mostly targeted to first and second year students. We invited panelists, which includes professors and graduate students to come in and discuss about issues surrounding academics at UTM.

Haunted Carnival (Halloween)

This is collaboration with the ministry of part-time affairs. We will transform the student centre into a carnival that will lead into Halloween Pub.

Halloween Pub (Halloween):

This will take place a couple days before Halloween because Halloween falls on a Saturday. It will be a fun-filled night with great music, decorations and prizes for the costume contest.

Academic Awareness Week

This event will take place in the third week of September and again in February to teach and remind students what academic integrity is. During this weeklong event we will host seminars, have contests, distribute the Know Your Rights materials and release information about where and what kind of help is available to students (Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, Office of the Registrar, UTMSU, etc.).

Environment Week
This event will take place the week before our annual Halloween festivities to raise awareness about the countless environmental issues we face as a society and will continue to face if we do not take drastic measures to reverse. During this week we will take part in tree planting with One Million Trees Mississauga, air movies like GMO OMG or An Inconvenient Truth, have recycling contests, shed light on world issues like the mass deforestation in the Amazon, or how animals and sea-life around the world are dying by the hundreds of thousands. During this week we will also host our second Farmers Market of the semester to promote local famers, anti-pesticide use, saving the bees and just to provide our students with more food options on campus!

Farmers Markets:

Last year’s Farmers Markets were a HUGE success so this year we are planning four – one in September, October, January and March. Each farmers market will coincide with another event going on. We are hoping to bring more vendors with more diverse products to cater to all students’ wants and needs.

This year we want to work on contracting Apple Tree Farmers like Ryerson University does to ensure a strong relationship between the university and its vendors but to also cut down on the paperwork that must be done every time a farmers market is hosted.

Wonderland Fear Fest (Halloween)

We will sell discounted Fear fest tickets to students who are interested in going to Wonderland that night. Transportation will be provided to and form Wonderland.

Leafs/Raptors Night:

This is a collaborative event with UTMAC. We show Leafs or Raptors game in the pub and have free prizes for students that come out to the event.

Hoop Dreams Basketball Tournament (November)

This is another new event that were adding to the calendar year. In collaboration with UTMAC and Caribbean Connections, we will be holding a basketball tournament to raise money and also create awareness for United Way. The tournament will be held in the Rawc gym and is open to UTM students that want to participate in this charity event.

Frost Week (January)

This week is similar to welcome week in September. It gives students another opportunity to sign-up and get involved with student clubs and academic societies.

Multi-Cultural Week (January): This is a fun-fill week of events during the month of January. Everyday will consist of something different. The events that will be incorporated into multi-cultural week include art show (students or clubs can display pieces of artwork in the student centre) cultural fashion, international food day where clubs can give away food from their cultures and the annual cultural show. 

UTM’s Got Talent (February)

This will be held in the first week of February. This is annual event that is put on by UTMSU, where we create a platform for UTM students to showcase their talents. The event will take place in the pub with free food and prizes. The top 3 performances will be chosen to take part in the tri-campus talent show at the end of the school year.

Reading Week (February)

During reading week, we do our annual Montreal trip and this year I would like to continue that tradition. We use an external company TNT that helps put the Montreal event together. The trip consists of students living in Montreal for 4 days and participating in activities during their trip.

 St. Patrick’s Day (March)

Have a full day of festivities in the pub and keep it open until at least midnight.  We will have a DJ playing music, and it will be a true pub atmosphere. There will be room for a dance floor and an area to play fun pub    games. The pub will be decorated in green and Irish decor and everyone will receive green beads.

Clubs and Societies Formal (April)

The is an event where clubs and academic societies can come together for one night and celebrate their accomplishments and come together for the night.  We use this opportunity to hand out the clubs award for the year.

UTMSU Block Party (April)

This event is held on the last Thursday of the academic school year. This is an outdoor event that consists of games, free food, prizes and performances throughout the whole day. This year, we want get more club involvement and incorporate a pub event to serve as the official after-party for the Block-Party.


Winter break certainly gets quite depressing and more so for international students since they might to be able to go home for such a short time span. Winternational is an event created for that soul purpose to make sure that international students feel home away from home while they are exposed to some of the Canadian culture and usually a day out filled with fun and excitement.

International student orientation

This is an Orientation specifically catered towards international students in the month of September/October.

The goal here is to transition new international students not only to the university life but also to the Canadian norms and culture. This will also be a forum for the fellow international students to meet and greet each other. Typically, there will be games, food, music and more.

Disorientation week – October

This event is geared towards letting folks know about the different forms of oppression that exist in society so as to engage in conversations and come up with different ways to challenge these oppressions. This is usually a week long event that tackles issues from racism to food insecurity.

Charity week – January

A week long  event where we bring together different charitable organizations across Mississauga and the GTA to get students involved with the community. We want students to be more involved in the community through charitable organizations and getting students more involved in our clubs on campus. 

Black History Month – February

BHM is the marquee event in February. This month is one o the biggest events held by UTMSU in conjunction with various clubs on campus including ECASA, Caribbean connections as well as the UTM EDO. We want to ensure that the UTM community is properly updated on what it means to be black in Canada and know exactly what it means to be black in Canada

Mature Orientation – September

This orientation is geared towards welcoming our mature and part-time students onto campus and letting them know that UTMSU is there for them. We want to let them know we are their sole representatives and ensure that their needs are met.

UTMSU Upcoming Events

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