UTMSU Campaigns

Campaigns are a crucial of what UTMSU does. A campaign addresses an issue that concerns our students. Yes, we provide services to students, but we also tackle issues that range from the environment and sustainability to tuition fees and poverty. The campaigns cover issues that affect specifically UTM students, students across Canada, and sometimes even humanity in general.

Running a campaign means that as the student body of UTM, you have addressed a concern that majorty students share and we have decided to stand up that issue.

An example of what a campaign at the local level did is parking fees. In previous years, UTMSU ran a campaign to reduce parking fees, and at the end of the year, for the first time in the history of UTM, parking fees were reduced by 5%. And campaigns can be as large or small as the person likes.

The parking fees campaign was one that was focused at UTM specifically, but there are provincial-wide campaigns, such as the campaign to get international students back under OHIP, national campaigns, such as the campaign to reduce tuition fees (watch out for 5th of November), and international campaigns, such as the campaign for boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel.

If there is anything that bothers you, be it about our campus, or even worldwide, we  strongly encourage you to come into the UTMSU office and share your thoughts.

Here is a list of the campaigns that will be taking place this year:

Study space campaign
Federal Elections campaign
Drop fees (parking, ancillary, tuition)
Better transit and U-pass awareness
Multi-faith centre
Women only gym hours
Academic Integrity Awareness
Campus Sustainability
Fossil Fuel Divestment
Spoiler title
Campus governance re-structuring
Increase overall engagement
Better student centre space
Food options on campus
Mental Health Awareness
BDS Campaign
OHIP for international students
Fuck the system
Expanding student jobs opportunities on Campus
Deregulated Fees for Part-Time students
Freeze The Parking Fees!

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