The UTMSU provides various services and discount to undergraduates. Detailed information for some are available by navigating our website; for everything else, please visit the Infobooth at the Student Centre.

InfoBooth Hours:

  • Mon to Fri: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Sat to Sun: Closed

Contact Infobooth

 Advertising Stamps  $0.50 per ad to advertise anywhere on campus
 Aroma Waxing Clinic  20% discount with a valid TCard
 Blind Duck Access Cards  $5
 Boston Pizza Coupons  $11
 Cineplex Movie Discount Tickets  Regular: $10.75
 Classic Bowling  Classic Bowling $20
 Club Event Tickets & Pub Tickets  Varies depending on event
 Foosball Rental  TCard
 Health and Dental Plan  Free (included in tuition but you may opt-out)
 ISIC Card  Free (temporarily unavailable)
 Locker Rentals (For the academic year)  Small: $25, Medium: $40, Large: $60
 Shuttle Bus Tickets  $7 (Schedules and information also available)
 U-Pass  TCard (First card only. Replacements will have a fee)
 Wonderland Tickets (Regular)  $38
 Wonderland Tickets (Pay once visit twice)  $60
Hi Yogurt (only at 516 Curran Place location)  10% off, coupon card at Infobooth
ESCAPE FROM THE 6  15% discount with a valid TCard