Opting Out


If you’re already covered by an equivalent health and/or dental plan, you can opt out of our Plans and receive a refund of the fees charged to your ACORN Financial Account.

You must opt out during your Change-of-Coverage period at the beginning of each academic year:

September 1 to 30 – if you’re enrolled in the Fall session
January 1 to 31 – if your academic year starts in January and enrolled in the winter session only

Opt Out of the Health Plan
You must be able to provide proof of coverage by an equivalent health plan to receive a refund of the year’s UTSU Health Plan fees. Unfortunately, your provincial health care doesn’t provide coverage equivalent to the UTSU Health Plan. Members can’t opt out of the UTSU Health Plan if they’re only covered by OHIP, UHIP, or equivalent primary health-care coverage.

Opt Out of the Dental Plan
You can opt out of the UTSU Dental Plan and receive a refund of the year’s UTSU Dental Plan fees without submitting proof of equivalent dental coverage.

Opting out terminates your coverage for the whole policy year, from September 1 to August 31. If you return as a UTSU member in September of the next school year, you’ll be automatically re-enrolled in the UTSU Health and Dental Plan.

Important Note: As stated earlier you are required to provide proof of alternative coverage (e.g., the name of the insurer, and your policy number), under a plan other than OHIP or UHIP. Check the expiry date of your alternative coverage. Once you have left the plan(s), you may not rejoin until the following September. For exceptions contact the Health & Dental Plan Coordinator, Maria Galvez, at health@utsu.ca or (416) 978-4911 ext. 227. If leaving a message spell your name and give your student number.

We send opt-out refund cheques in March to the address on file with ROSI. Please ensure your address is up to date. Cheques that are not redeemed after fifteen (15) months from the date of being first issued will not be re-issued and shall be deemed forfeited by the payee.

Aboriginal Students: Many aboriginal students have coverage through Federal Government funding. Those who do may apply for an opt-out refund. See above.

International Students: Like domestic students, international students are covered by the SAC/U.T.S.U. plans. The plans pay for things not covered by your basic UHIP plan. Get your UHIP card and information at the International Student Centre, (416) 978-0290.

Contact: Call Centre 1 866 416-8706 | Online Chat Service | UTSU Office (416) 978-4911 or in person at 12 Hart House Circle

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