The UTMSU provides various services and discount to undergraduates. Detailed information for some are available by navigating our website; for everything else, please visit the Infobooth at the Student Centre.

Services and Discounts:

Advertising Stamps $0.50 per ad to advertise anywhere on campus
Blind Duck Access Cards $5
Boston Pizza Coupons $10
Cell Phone Charger Rental TCard
Cineplex Movie Discount Tickets Regular: $10, 3D: $12
Classic Bowling $18
Club Event Tickets & Pub Tickets Varies depending on event
Foosball Rental TCard
Health and Dental Plan Free (included in tuition but you may opt out)
International Calling Please see Infobooth staff to see if it’s currently available.
ISIC Card Free (temporarily unavailable)
Locker Rentals (For the academic year) Small: $30, Large: $50
Shuttle Bus Tickets $6 (Schedules and information also available)
Student TTC Metropass  $112
Toronto Star Newspaper  Free
U-Pass TCard (First card only. Replacements will have a fee)
Wonderland Tickets (Regular) $44
Wonderland Tickets (Pay once visit twice) $57


We also have an information rack with current community and University events, as well as general information on special events and almost anything else of interest to the University community.

UTMSU Upcoming Events

No upcoming events