Spring 2019 Elections

The following are the Official 2019  UTMSU Spring Election Candidates:


Atif Abdullah (Students United)

Hello folks! My name is Atif and I am running to be the President of the UTMSU. I am a third year Computer Science Specialist, who has been working throughout my university career to support YOU! As your current VP External and with my past experienced as the associate to VP University Affairs, and Campus Affairs representative I am excited to unite students across campus to fight for students’ issues. Our Students’ Union will be facing an unprecedented challenge in the upcoming academic year, with several cuts to our student run organizations and services. UTM students deserve better, and I will push to make sure our students’ union is on the forefront of these changes. Join me March 19th, 20th, and 21st to VOTE for #StudentsUnited.

VP Internal

Sara Malhotra (Students United)

My name is Sara Malhotra and I am in my third year student completing a joint specialist in Political Science and Economics with a minor in Applied Statistics. This year I am excited to run as your VP Internal for the UTMSU! After working as the VP External at the Undergraduate Economics Council, and as the Associate to VP External at the UTMSU, I am dedicated to focusing my efforts on improving the University’s services to students, many of which are being attacked by the Ontario government. Being an international student, I envision myself creating safer and more inclusive spaces on campus, and creating a welcoming environment in the student movement, especially for international students. Join me on March 19th, 20th, and 21st to VOTE for #StudentsUnited.


Luke Warren

Like many of you, I feel the impacts of rising tuition fees, a lack of campus resources, and the stress of the classroom. I have been the Assistant to the Board of Directors at the UTMSU for 2 years.  This has taught me how student governance works, how resources are managed and expanded upon, and how to make meaningful decisions for students. I want to continue the hard work of the union and to provide more cost-saving services.  I am passionate about the UTM community, and am eager to hear your suggestions so I can make UTM home for everyone.

VP University Affairs

Miguel Cabral (Students United)

Hey folks, my name is Miguel and I am running to be your VP University Affairs. I am a fourth-year student studying Languages and Culture and over the last four years, I have been involved with the student experience in many different aspects, including being a Teaching Assistant during an exchange in Italy, my executive positions in several clubs including MESA, MSA, and Helping Hands, and as the Promotions Coordinator at the UTMSU. I understand the importance of student life and academics so I plan to hold UTM administration accountable in upholding these opportunities in the wake of recent Ontario Government cuts. Join me on March 19th, 20th, and 21st to VOTE for #StudentsUnited.

VP External

Kai Ng (Students United)

My name is Kai and I’m a third year political science specialist. I am running to be your VP External for the 2019-2020 academic year. After immigrating to Canada in grade 9, I found I regretted not being involved in high school extra-curricular activities. Now, after being President of the UTM International Cantonese Union, Director of Erindale Hong Kong Student Association, and as a UTMSU WeChat team volunteer, I cannot stress how important student involvement is on this campus, especially for international students. With the new Ontario government changes, our campus life is under attack. I am dedicated to working with students across campus to protect our student groups and advocate for a higher quality of education. Join me on March 19th, 20th, and 21st to VOTE for #StudentsUnited.

VP Equity

Saarang Ahuja

Habon Ali (Students United)

Hey everyone! My name is Habon Ali and I am running to be your VP Equity. By being involved in several organizations, including Habitat for Humanity UTM, the Somali Student Association, and being a member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council, you can say I have a passion for community building and youth participation. As a fourth-year student studying Biology and Environmental Sciences, I strive for a more accessible campus, where we can come together as a community, offering support to those who suffer from both physical disabilities, and mental illness. The Ontario Government threatens to eradicate the services that support these students, leaving us to struggle alone. I want to unite students to fight back so join me on March 19th, 20th, and 21st to VOTE for #StudentsUnited.


Division II Directors (11 Positions)

Farid Annan


Tian Ze (Philip) Jia


Ethan Bryant

I’m running to represent you on the board of directors to make sure that necessary services are provided to UTM students and to ensure accountability and trust in the student union. Our student union provides many services to students but with changes being made in the coming school year I want to make sure that our union will still be able to provide those most important services despite a likely budget cut. I want to make sure that there is the highest level of trust in our student union so that students feel safer opting in to the UTMSU.


Du (Bryan) Wenchao


Azima Tarannum

Hi! My name is Azima Tarannum and I’m in my 3rd year doing a double major in Physics and Mathematics and a minor in Chemistry. I wish to run for the position of board of directors on the UTMSU and to be the voice for those who deserve to be heard, recognized and advocated for. My main priority is to increase the effective communication between students and UTMSU. If elected to the board, I will work meticulously on behalf of the students and hold the executive responsible for policies that will work in the best interests of the student body.


Sheri Hijazi


Venus Asamoah


Nicole (Xiaoyi) Luo

My name is Nicole (Xiaoyi) Luo, and I am a second-year student in Statistic and Mathematic. I am running for a position on Board of Director Division II.  As a student in UTM, I care about students and I also want to strive more benefit for student. I have volunteer in UTMSU for one year, and I was working as VP Internal Associate in the second year. I plan to lower food price in UTM cafeterias and extend library hours, also expand study space in student union. Please vote for me!


Fangning Qiu


Jicheng (Allen) Lu


Lin (Catherine) Wang

Hello, my name is Lin (Catherine) Wang and I am a second-year student specializing in finance and major in Economics. I am running to become your board of director member of Division II. I plan on majoring in increasing the coverage of the health insurance plan, primarily focus on the coverage of dental care services and physiotherapy. Also, I would want to work on reducing the price of annual and seasonal parking permits since they are expensive trying to make it more affordable for students, aiming to raise more available parking spots as well.


Minhe (Chloe) Chen


Ahnaf Tajwar

I am a third year Accounting Specialist running to be one of the Division 2 Board of Directors at YOUR Students Union. I bring valuable experience by engaging with YOU as Director of Logistics on the SMG Team for UCS and VP External for BSA. These experiences have provided me opportunities and the right tools to understand and execute the needs of students. Diversity through representation of each faculty including the commerce and management program and ensuring support for clubs and societies in the face of funding cuts are key cornerstones I will be addressing. Vote for someone who cares and unites!


Omid Erfani

Please contact with any questions, concerns.

UTMSU Upcoming Events

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