Fall Bi-Elections Statement of Candidacy

Division I


Farid Annan

Voting for me is like voting for yourself except I do all the work and you get what you want.

Michelle (Zhuoer) Zhang

Hi, I’m Michelle, I am running to become your Division I board member. If I were to be elected, I want to provide more food options and setup on-campus grocery store for students, this is our second home, and home should always come with good food. In addition, I think providing more volunteer and job opportunities for international students and first year students are the key for them to have a smooth transition. If I were to be elected, I will represent all UTM students EQUALLY and FAIRLY, to make your campus life more comfortable and more convenient.

Kengu Latoya Black

Hello! I am a first year Life Science student hailing from the island of Jamaica. As an international student, I’ve easily recognized the variety of needs that UTM’s diverse student body has – especially those from us newcomers on campus. I would love to be elected a First Year Representative because I believe there is power in the voice of Freshmen. I stand for causes like inclusivity, equity, moral awareness and empowerment within our school community. Also, I’m extremely approachable! Let me be your avenue for communication in the creation of a uniquely comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone! Thanks!

Eswa Nadeem

Hey guys! My name is Eswa Nadeem, and I’m running to become YOUR first-year representative. I plan on majoring in International Relations and Political Science and want to build my skills here at UTM! I come with the hope to bring new ideas to the table such as, commuting made easier for students who take the GO, napping pods,co-op opportunities  and hopefully more!  I want to make your voices heard in whatever way possible, and I need your vote to be able to do that!