Fall 2022 By-Elections

The annual University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union (UTMSU) Fall By-Election is an opportunity for members to run for positions and elect 2 Division I Directors (2 First Year representatives), 2 Division III Directors (2 Part-time representatives), and 1 Division IV Director (Mississauga Academy of Medicine representative) to serve for one-year terms in the Board of Directors of the UTMSU. The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body of the Union and sets the work and vision of the organization for the upcoming year. It consists of Directors elected by the membership to govern the affairs of the Union.

All UTMSU members are eligible to vote this election.

Unofficial Results

Division 1 – First Year Representative

Candidate Votes Percentage
Hillary Baker 20 6.29%
Kaylee Truong 16 5.03%
Cordelia MacDonald 29 9.12%
Arnav Nagzirkar 76 23.90%
Tham Paweewan 87 27.36%
Tahira Rajwani 62 19.50%
Votes tallied: 318
Abstentions: 10

Division 4 – MAAM Representative

Candidate Votes Percentage
Chidalu Edchi 16 100%
Votes tallied: 16
Abstentions: 1