Election Notices

Public Notices

There will be a polling station in Kaneff

ERC Rulings

ERC#001 Feb 14th, 2017

Candidates who are part of clubs and societies must declare their conflict of interest and request a leave of absence

Candidates who have pre-planned events, or are signing authorities for thier club will be allowed to conduct business on approval by the CRO

The CRO will determine on a case by case basis

ERC#002 Mar 2nd

Division II Candidates will still be on the ballot for the Spring Election 2017

Students will be given the option to vote yes, no, or abstain for each candidate.

ERC #003 Mar 3rd

CRO decision for Demerit Points, Amended


Feb 26th/2017 – 8:00pm – Megan Saad, VP Equity Candidate’s nomination package has been determined to be invalid. She has been disqualified from running as a candidate.

March 2nd/2017 – Asma Fadhl Withdrew Candidacy for Board of Directors – Division III (Central Directors at Large)

Demerit Points


Feb 27th/2017 –  Section VI Rules of Elections Part VII

Each Candidate may not post one of their posters within (1) inch (22.5mm) of another of thier own posters or another candidates poster

Violations of this rule can be seen in Davis, Near the Phone Booths. A violation of this can alson be seen in IB

3 Points Issued to all Candidates of FRESH UTM

Feb 28th/2017 – Board of Director Division 1 Moiz Shaikh Shared a post from FRESH UTM without declaring a leave of absence. 5 demerit Points issued to each candidate of FRESH UTM.

FRESH UTM appealed the decision, ERC ruled to issue only two to each candidate.

2 Points Issued to all candidates

Points to date:

Salma Fakhry  – 5

Jose Wilson – 5

Maya Tomkiewicz – 5

Sagal Osman – 5

Vikko (Yuija) Qu – 5


Section VI Rules for Elections Part 1

Feb 28th/2017 – Approval of Campaign Methods

All Campaign tactics, material and/or advertisement need approval from the CRO in advance of posting or distribution.

3 Points Issued to All Candidates of UTM FIRST

Points to date:

Alex Gignac – 3

Christina Khokar – 3

Mduduzi Mhlanga – 3

Ali Taha – 3

Zahira Tasabehji – Division III Candidate

On March 4th 2017, Candidate posted online/social media without approval from the CRO. Unapproved Material

Zahira Tasabehji – 8 Demerit Points to Date

Shirley (Can) Cui – Division III Candidate

On March 4th 2017, Shirley (Can) Cui’s posters were found to be high gloss. High Gloss posters are not permitted. Improper Distribution of Campaign Material

Therefore, CRO will be issuing 8 Demerit points, under Improper Distribution of Campaign Materials

Shirley (Can) Cui – 8 Demerit Points to Date