Statement of Candidacy

Division One: First Year Rep (two seats)

Regina (Cai Yu) Huang
Hello! Everybody! My name is Regina. I am an international student. As an international student, I have lots of things to learn and adapt. Compared with local students, I might not be the one who knows about Canadian culture very well, but I am sure I am the one who have more experience in cultural communication. I can use this kind of unique experience to bring various benefits you expect or even something you have never thought about before, to different groups of students in University of Toronto.

Fan Wang
Attention! Everybody! I’m Fan (Felix) Wang a first year student. So being a Chinese overseas students, I can feel that we only touch the tip of the iceberg of Rights. So I just stand here for most international students. I’ll fight for more Welfares for who are paying a five times more tuition fees. (By extending Insurance benefits, parking space, great meal and library time extending). I’ll be here for all of you to express that we are the huge group that government cannot ignore. Stand up, fight for rights.

Manik Rana (No Statement)

Marie Manuela Anyan Odhiambo
Hello! My name is Marie Odhiambo and I’m a candidate for the Division 1 First Year Representative position this year on the UTMSU! Coming into the race with experience of being Head Girl (aka student body president) in high school and being an international student, representation and student government has always been important to me. I want to be your voice and that voice will be heard loud and clear in the UTMSU. UTM is meant to be our second home and whether you’re first or even fifth year, I want to make sure it feels that way for you.

Matteo Massino Scurci (No Statement)

Matthew James Prebeg (No Statement)

Tania Khan

My name is Tania Khan and my goal is to make transitioning into University as easy as it can be. I want to help you become comfortable within a new country, cope with moving away from home as well as with adjusting to university as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Check out my Facebook page @TaniaForFYR or email me at to find out more about transitioning into university life and about the #MakeAMovement portion of my campaign.

Vasil William Bourak (No Statement)

Yue Sun (Candice)
I found out the food should be better. Improving the quality of food and increasing the varieties are the basic support of the campus needs to give to us. In another hand, students who drive to school understand the lack of parking lots in the campus. I am an international student. The tuition fee shocks me. Not everyone and their families can afford this cost of four years for just study. There must be some space that we can negotiate with school.

Division Four: Part-time Rep(two seats)
Pu Qi Zhao (No Statement)