Statement of Candidacy


Salma Fakhry
I am a 3rd year student in International Affairs and Education running to be the next President of YOUR students’ union!  I have been involved in many capacities, such as, CCR Coordinator, Associate to VP University Affairs and Academics and an active representative on the UTM Academic Affairs Committee. These experiences have given me the tools to lobby and create better solutions for students on our ever growing campus. This year, I want to continue the fight for an accessible education, the expansion of the student centre, and work to tackle issues on campus in innovative ways. Vote Fresh UTM!”

Alexandre Gignac (No Statement) 

V.P Internal & Services

Vikko(Yujia) Qu

As a 4th year student in Economics, statistics and women and gender studies, I see the challenges many students face such as increasing tuition and ancillary fees, lack of accessibility, and limited food and study space, as well as forms of discrimination.  My experience with the student union as the associate to Vice President Internal has allowed me to understand the financial aspect on allocating and expanding resources amongst services, events and advocacy work to reflect the needs of our membership. I hope my skills and passion could light up your school life. Vote for FreshUTM! 

V.P University Affairs & Academics

Maya Tomkiewicz

As a UTMSU volunteer, Assistant to the Board and Vice-President External for P.A.U.S.E, I have been involved in the Fight the Fees Campaign and understand how the education system is inaccessible due to rising tuition fees. This has provided me with the experience to combat issues many students face such as mental health stigmatization, and academic conflicts. All individuals at UTM deserve an affordable education, safe spaces on campus and the option to defer midterms without having to pay extra on top of their high tuition fees and I am passionate about this advocacy work. Vote Fresh UTM!

Christina Khokhar (No Statement) 

V.P External

Jose Wilson 
I am a fifth year Commerce student dealing with the outrageous cost of post-secondary education and the neglect of part-time, mature, and international students. Our provincial government’s recent efforts to make post-secondary education more affordable are a band-aid solution. We must continue to fight for an accessible education and lobby the government to give international students OHIP coverage, while combatting xenophobia. We must push for greater funding for part-time and mature students and accessible transit with a GTA Upass. Students have an enormous opportunity to stitch these large gaping wound, and collectively, we will win. Vote Fresh UTM!

Ali Taha (No Statement)

V.P Equity

Mduduzi Mhlanga

My mission, if elected, would be to focus on students first entirely. Allocating more money towards student services and increasing the funding for bursaries student services such as subsidizing lunch or printing for low-income students. Also, I will work with my fellow executives to put UTM F1RST in every respect: getting more part-time opportunities for students, developing programs to assist students in finding housing near campus, expanding multi-faith space, and increasing the diversity of opinion on campus. I completely aim to put UTM F1RST if elected VP-Equity and I hope I’ve earned your vote!

Sagal Osman

UTM is a place where students strive on community building and social inclusion. Through my experience as an orientation leader and an executive of the Black student Association, I have connected with people from different walks of life. Learning about their experiences has inspired me to advocate for all communities to help combat islamophobia, sexism, racism, transphobia and all forms of discrimination and prejudices. I believe that students deserve access to resources from the equity service centre as well as bursaries in order to feel safe and make educated choices for their mental and physical health. Vote Fresh UTM!

Division II

Neisha Ghanie

Hey folks! My name is Neisha Ghanie and I’m running to be your Board of Directors Division 2 representative. I am a second year student with experience in the UTMSU as a PUMP Squad member and Orientation leader. These experiences will be able to help me contribute to our amazing campus to make it a safe and welcoming space for all. I hope to work on implementing a GTA U-pass, enabling students to commute to UTM from different cities. I also hope to work on reducing parking fees, more study space, & having healthier and cheaper food options on campus!

Zakk Dodge

My name is Zakk Dodge and I am running to be your UTM Representative Board of Director for our student Union. I have been an associate, a club executive for three clubs , a member of the academic affairs committee within Governing Council and a full time student. All of this has prepared me to better serve you. Vote for me so I can help you.

Melinda Ann Karen Callahan (No Statement)

 Nour Shell (No Statement)

Division III

Jessica Duggan

Hey UTM! I am running for Division III because I believe that I am the best candidate for the job. I’m only in first year, but I’ve managed to volunteer with the UTMSU for the majority of each semester. It has been an amazing experience, but I want to help the students more than that! If elected, I want to focus on providing more students with a voice! I can’t tell you how many times I knew about an event only because I was helping out with it. Thank you for reading this and VOTE JESSICA!

 Mohammed Ali Al-hassan

Here and resolved to do whatever it takes to bring to you a better UTM. Specific issues I’d like to focus my work on include Parking and parking lot fees, lowering tuition, and fighter for better and more friendly classroom environment. A vote for me is the best vote, you’ll see!

Asma Fadhl

Hello! My name is Asma Fadhl and I am running to represent YOU in the Board of Directors, Division III. As a VP for an academic society and an assistant at UTMSU’s info booth, I recognize the importance and the need for our voices as students to be heard. Through this opportunity I will strive to bridge the gap of communication between the students, our students’ union and the administration. I am here to listen to YOUR concerns and connect you to YOUR resources.

Abdulla Omari

Hello UTM! I am a third year student studying Political Science named Abdulla Omari (weird i know) who has served as your 2015-2016 Director for the UTMSU, UTSU and the Varsity Publications. If re-elected to office I would my experience and previous work to focus on increasing accountability by continuing my previous work on expanding executive review. Continue creating dialogue between the different levels of governance at UTM to bring focus to issues on this campus (like walking between any building and Deerfield in January) and lastly to help local efforts to combat fees with my significant policy experience

Can Cui (No Statement)

Esther Osei (No Statement) 

Xiao Jin (No Statement)

Zahira Tasabehji (No Statement)

Dimitri Thompson (No Statement)

Tsai-Ying Liu (No Statement)

Rasha Al-Rammahi (No Statement)