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We recognize that the cost of education is high, and that in addition to tuition fees, students need to pay for transit, childcare, food, books, rent and other expenses. UTMSU aims to provide its members with cost-saving services in addition to our work on advocating for lower tuition fees, affordable transit and childcare to help save you money.

Campaigns and Advocacy

Students are diverse. In addition to school, many of us work, have families, or have other obligations on campus or in our community. Students face unique challenges accessing post-secondary education. As the central voice for UTM students, UTMSU lobbies on a local, provincial and national level on behalf of our members.


We aim to build a community for all UTMSU members through events and programming. In an effort to be accessible to all students, UTMSU hosts events and programming during the day, in the evening, on weekends, and year-round.



Important dates for August: Season 3, Vlog #4

Check out our 4th vlog of the year, important dates and announcements! If you’re a incoming first year, sign up for Orientation !

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Important Dates in July: Season 3, Vlog #3

Hey UTM! Here we have all the important dates you need to know for July!

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Important Dates and Deadlines for June: Season 3, Vlog #2

It’s Important Dates and Deadlines for June! Check it out.

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Important Dates and Deadlines for May: VLOG #1: (Season 3)

Here we talk about important dates and deadlines including UPASS Pick up!

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March and April Important dates and Deadlines: Vlog 16

April showers bring you a new vlog for the month!  Here’s what’s happening for the month of April.  Make sure you take note of these important dates!

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February Important Dates and Deadlines Vlog #15

Hey UTM, We’re back at it again with the Important Dates and Deadlines Vlog for the month of February! Check it out!

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Vlog #14: Important Dates and Deadlines for January

Office of the Registrar: http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/registrar/… Latest Squad TV episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BijM0… Welcome back Pub: https://www.facebook.com/events/35358… Montreal reading week Trip: https://www.facebook.com/events/18302…  

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Important Dates and Deadlines for December & Info on LWD: Vlog #13

Here we have important dates and deadlines for December!

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Important Dates and Deadlines for November: Vlog #12

NOVEMBER IS HERE! Watch the video for the important dates and deadlines for the month!

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Important Date and Deadlines October: Vlog 11

Here’s the October Vlog of Important Dates and Deadlines. I hope you’re all looking forward to the Niagara Falls reading week trip presented by UTMSU x SMA.

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Important Dates and Deadlines for September: Vlog 10

The summer is over and school is about to begin!!! Here is the September vlog of all the important dates and deadlines that you need to know about to start school on the right foot! Enjoy!

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Important Dates and Deadlines for August: Vlog #9

Here we have important dates and deadlines for august including orientation link for SUPER 16 information!

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World University Services Canada (WUSC): Vlog 8

Here’s a vlog all about WUSC program at UTM. And you are all invited to our first WUSC local committee meeting on July 18 at 2:00pm in the student centre at the Green Room. Here you will get the chance to know more about WUSC’s campaigns, events and ways to be apart of the WUSC

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Black Liberation Townhall: Vlog 7

Tomorrow The Black Liberation Collective will be hosting a townhall for all black students. We have noticed that there is a lot of anti-blackness in our world especially with the recent police killings of our people, namely Alton Sterling and Philando Castile to name a few, being saturated all over media as well as the

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Important Dates and Deadlines for July: Vlog 6

Important dates and deadlines for the Month of July! http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/registrar/…  

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Student Union Autonomy: Vlog 5

Check out our vlog about the New Policy on Open, Accessible and Democratic Student Organizations. It’s a little long but we wanted to talk about the history of this policy and why we, along with some of our clubs, academics societies, and sister student unions oppose the policy! If you’re interested in getting involved come

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JUNE Important Dates & Deadlines: Vlog 4

Important dates and deadlines for the Month of June! Including Graduation information and Orientation information.  

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Jobs! Vlog 3

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Information revolving around jobs, and volunteer opportunities! UTMSU Jobs: http://utmsu.ca/jobs/ UTMSU Orientation leader applications: http://utmsu.ca/volunteer-opportunity/

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Important Dates and Deadlines, Orientation Applications: Vlog 2

Here is some important dates and deadlines for the month of May relating to summer school, as well as information regarding to UPass distribution and also job postings for Orientation Coordinator, Orientation Committee and Orientation leaders!

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Meet the team! Season 2 Vlog 1

WELCOME TO ANOTHER YEAR WITH THE UTMSU! We just wanted to do a quick round of introductions so that you can get to know your execs better! President: Nour Alideeb VP Internal: Jackie Zhao VP University Affairs & Academics: Vanessa Demello VP Campus Life: Tyrell Subban VP Equity: Maleeha Baig VP External: Marise Hopkins

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